For a smile worth a million dollars

Everyone desires to have sparkly white teeth to enhance their smile. Dental Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure to treat discoloured and stained teeth transforming your smile completely. Teeth can get stained due to a variety of reasons. Stains can be either external or internal.
External stains are often caused by:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Smoking
  • Tobacco use

These stains can be removed by professional cleaning and polishing procedures.

For a smile worth a million dollars

Stains that discolour the teeth from within are difficult to remove through conventional cleaning procedure.
Some of the stains that can be removed by bleaching are:

  • Stains due to medicines (E.g.: Tetracycline).
  • Mild fluorosis
  • Age related generalised staining
  • Staining due to trauma to tooth
  • Staining of tooth after Root canal treatment

How is it done?

We have two options for teeth whitening available at our dental office. First, patients are thoroughly examined to determine if they are ideal candidates for bleaching and then they are presented with the treatment options that include:

  1. Professional in-office bleaching
  2. At-Home Bleaching

Professional in-Office Bleaching:

This procedure offers a chair-side solution to discoloured teeth. It includes using a combination of effective bleaching agents that are applied onto the teeth by a Specialist. At American Smiles, we offer in-office teeth bleaching using the advanced Phillips Zoom Dental Bleaching Unit.
It is a simple procedure that includes:

  1. A thorough cleaning of teeth is done before the bleaching process to make it more effective.
  2. A protective shield is applied onto the lips and gums to prevent them from getting bleached.
  3. The bleaching gel is then applied on to the teeth and activated using Zoom Advanced Chair-side lamp to accelerate the bleaching process
  4. The patient is then explained about the special care to be taken after bleaching procedure.

At-Home Tooth Bleaching

As an alternative to in-office teeth whitening, we also provide our patients with a convenient option of getting their teeth whitening done at the comfort of their home. Patients are provided with a customised set of bleaching trays and a combination of bleaching gels that can be used at home. They trays are to be used for a certain duration of time as per the instructions given by the specialist. Patients are required to visit us after an initial round of bleaching to assess the results.

Teeth whitening procedures assure you of a brighter and a confident smile. At American Smiles, we have the most effective solution of brightening your smile and giving you that Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamt of!


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