Absolute sterility during procedures is our top-most priority. No two ways about it!

Since the inception of American Smiles Dental Clinic, we made sure that our sterilization protocol is meticulous, scientific and in accordance with health governing bodies such as CDC, ADA, and OSHA. We want our patients to feel safe during their treatment and eliminate any means of cross-contamination. Our processes are routinely quality assured and checked so that there are no gaps in the system.
Keeping the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic in mind, we have incorporated additional sterilization and disinfection protocols to practice safe dentistry during these trying times.

What does the American Smiles Sterilization Protocol include?

Individual procedures

  1. Individually pouched instruments with minimum exposure to outside contaminate, freshly opened before each procedure
  2. Disposable single use patient drape, tray covers, suction
  3. Protective guard over all commonly touched areas; changed after each procedure
  4. Single use plastic sleeves for x-rays
  5. Personal Protective Equipment for doctors and dental assistants
  6. Chairs are disinfected after each procedures with sterilizing sprays and UV radiation.
  7. HEPA Air Filters
  8. Fumigation at the end of each day.

Instrument Sterilization

Step 1:Instruments are first soaked in a disinfectant solution for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Next, the instruments are scrubbed and cleaned to remove contaminants using a medical grade cleaning solution.

Step 3: Ultrasonic cleaning is done for 140 seconds, for even more thorough decontamination.

Step 4: Drying of instruments following by packing in individual autoclavable pouches

Step 4: Instruments are they placed in our imported top-tier B Class Melag Autoclave which is best in the industry

Step 4: Sterilized instruments are stored in pouched to prevent re-contamination


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