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Dentures are teeth substitutes which are not fixed and can be placed and removed by oneself without the dentist’s help. They are used to replace few or a complete set of missing teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw.

Missing teeth can present a wide range of difficulties for the patient such as:

  1. Difficulty in chewing
  2. Difficulty in speaking
  3. Change in the facial profile and appearance (collapsed appearance)
  4. Change in the bite
  5. Change in the harmony with other teeth and surrounding structures (in case of few missing teeth) which can further cause food lodgement, etc.

Dentures can be of two types based on whether some or all of the teeth are missing:

  1. Complete dentures replace all the teeth in either the upper or lower segment of the jaw
  2. Partial dentures replace only some missing teeth in either segment of the jaw.

Complete Dentures

How is it done?
The fabrication of complete dentures requires multiple visits which may vary from 5-7. Complete denture requires a complete record of the gum and surrounding structures so as to ensure acceptable fit. Since they are not fixed and derive their support solely from the underlying gums, they have a learning curve and may require multiple adjustments. They are predominantly made of medical grade acrylic.

When do I need complete dentures?
Complete dentures are advised when alternative fixed options are unavailable. You may be advised complete dentures if you

  • Do not have sufficient bone structure for placement of implants
  • Have existing medical conditions which prevent you from undergoing surgical placement of implants
  • You are an existing denture wearer and request for a new one.
  • As an interim prosthesis, during your implant treatment

Removable partial denture

How is it done?
RPDs may require 2-7 dental visits, depending on how many teeth are missing and their location. Unlike complete dentures, they derive support from both adjacent teeth as well as the underlying gums and therefore have better comfort and fit when compared to complete dentures.

When do I need a Removable partial denture?

  • When the teeth adjacent to a missing area cannot be used to support a fixed crown and bridge.
  • You are an existing denture wearer and request for a new one.
  • As an interim, during your implant treatment to help preserve the space.


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