American Smiles Sterilization, Disinfection and Air Ventilation Protocols

We have believed in following stringent sterilization and disinfection from the inception of our dental clinic with or without COVID-19. During the pandemic, our protocols are even more detailed. Safety is a non-negotiable for us!

Treatment Room

  1. Disposable surface covers and items are replaced after every appointment.
  2. Dental chair is thoroughly disinfected after all procedures.
  3. Fumigation and UV light treatment is done after appointments.
  4. Used instruments are removed in the appropriate manner and taken for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
  5. Regular mopping of frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant solutions (door handles, counter tops, etc.)


  1. Instruments are scrubbed clean.
  2. Instruments are disinfected in a two-step process.
    • The first step involves soaking the instruments in a disinfectant solution
    • The second step involves placement in an Ultrasonic Cleaner.
  3. They are then packed in single-use autoclavable pouches and autoclaved in our Melag Class B Autoclave.
  4. Instruments are then appropriately stored until required for patient usage.

Our support staff are given detailed training and regular quality checks are done to ensure that our processes remain thorough.

Air Ventilation

Our clinic has been designed since its inception to ensure adequate circulation of air. Additionally, HEPA air filters have been placed in each operatory.

Protocols for Clinic Doctors/Staff

As a routine practice, our doctors and staff are screened regularly (temperature, oxygen, COVID-19 symptoms).

Any team member exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms/recently tested positive for COVID-19 will stay home/under quarantine.

Members of the dental team are adequately trained in the management of dental care in the COVID-19 scenario.

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