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Braces is a form of fixed orthodontic treatment that is done by our Orthodontist or Braces Specialist. A system of brackets and wires are used to move the teeth in the correct position. These are fixed onto the teeth for the entire duration of treatment. There is a certain settling in period with braces, our expert team of doctors take extra care to ensure that patients enjoy a comfortable and a happy orthodontic journey!

Know your Braces:

Traditional or Conventional Metal Braces:

These types of braces have been used for decades for the correction of teeth. Metal braces are made up of stainless steel alloy are the most commonly used type of braces. Brackets are small metallic fixtures that are placed on each tooth and a wire runs through the centre of each bracket that is secured using elastics. The orthodontist changes the wire at regular appointments allowing the teeth to gradually move into perfect alignment.

Self- Ligating braces:

Self-Ligating braces are a new generation Bracket System in which the brackets have a self- locking mechanism to help secure the wire in place instead of the elastic ties used in traditional braces.

Key Highlights of Self-Ligating system:

  • Smaller bracket size ensures less friction between your teeth and wire providing you greater comfort
  • Self-locking
  • Wire is passive as no elastics are used to secure the wire and bracket.
  • Forces used to move the tooth mimic more natural forces – better patient comfort
  • Reduced treatment time for a speedy smile makeover.
Transparent Braces:

Generally, children are often seen with braces and it is common misconception that adults can’t get orthodontic treatment. However, this is quickly changing due to the introduction of transparent or clear braces. In this case, the brackets are made up of ceramic which closely replicate the color of the teeth, giving a much more natural appearance during treatment. Therefore, there is minimal effect in the cosmetic appearance of the patient during treatment. Ceramic braces are available in both straight wire and self-ligating brackets systems.

Orthodontic correction can be completely life changing as it not only improves your overall dental health but also restores your confidence and quality of life. At American Smiles, our orthodontists have helped countless patients embark on their journey in achieving their dream smile.

New age orthodontics has seen a paradigm shift in the correction of malalignments without the hassle of wires and brackets in the mouth. This revolutionary treatment is known as Clear Aligners.
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