COVID-19, Dentistry and YOUR safety at American Smiles Dental Clinic

At American Smiles, we take great pride in serving the dental needs of our community. We also understand the shared responsibility in containing the spread of COVID-19 and practicing safe dentistry.

Visiting the dentist during these uncertain times can cause worry and that is why our doctors and staff have come together to put into place well-researched and well-executed safety protocols so that your dental visit is in a calm and COVID-19 appropriate environment.


Screening Process: Telephonic triage

Our front desk carefully screens all patients visiting the clinic prior to their appointment for recent/current symptoms and contact history pertaining to COVID-19 via phone call.

All patients with a recent history of COVID-19 may be asked to provide their negative COVID-19 test results.

What can you expect when coming for your dental appointment?

Instructions for patients when coming for their dental appointment

Patients are advised to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Please contact our dental office if there is any development of COVID-19 symptoms prior to the appointment.
  2. It is absolutely mandatory to wear a mask/face covering when coming for the appointment. Entry into the clinic premises is subject to wearing of a mask.
  3. Please be on time for the appointment. Arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment is recommended.
  4. Please limit the number of accompanying individuals when coming for the dental appointment. Patient aged below 14 years and above 60 years can bring 1 person.
  5. Please bring minimal items inside the clinic. Avoid large bags, totes, shopping bags, etc.

On-site Screening:

All individuals entering the dental office are first screened at the entrance (temperature and blood oxygenation) using contactless infrared thermometers and high-class pulse oximeter devices.


All individuals will be provided with hand sanitizer and are advised to follow prescribed hand hygiene protocols when inside the clinic.

Waiting Room Design:

Please maintain social distancing etiquette when in the waiting area by maintaining a distance of 2m with other individuals. We minimize time spent in the waiting room by ensuring that our processes are quick and efficient.

Personal Protective Equipment

Based on guidelines given by the CDC and WHO, all our doctors and staff will be wearing personal protective equipment for the dental appointment.

This includes:

  • Respirators OR N95 Mask + Three-ply Surgical Mask
  • Surgical head cap
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Face Shield
  • Gown
  • Double gloves

Pre-Procedural Virucidal Mouth Rinse

Patients will be provided with a pre-procedural virucidal mouth rinse (1% Povidone Iodine) before beginning the appointment.

Studies have shown that virucidal mouth rinses greatly reduce the viral load in the mouth and can help in reducing the transmission of the disease.

Post-treatment Protocols

Once the appointment is over, we will provide you with sanitizer. We will then guide you to exit the dental operatory and proceed to the waiting area. Please wear your mask at all times and maintain social distancing.

Our front office will assist you with paperless and cashless payment methods. All bills, prescriptions and post-procedural instructions will be sent digitally via WhatsApp and Email.

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