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Children’s Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry or children’s dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry concerned with the treatment of children’s teeth/baby teeth along with proactively preventing the development of dental problems during growth. During our lifespan, we get two sets of teeth – the primary teeth and the permanent teeth. Our primary teeth or baby teeth play a significant role in the position and health of the permanent or adult teeth.

Baby teeth also influence speech development, the child’s self-esteem and their even their daily routines such as school, extra-curricular, etc. A happy child is a child who is comfortable, able to eat well and enjoys their childhood!

Therefore, it’s extremely important to ensure that baby teeth are well taken care of, starting at an early age! We recommend the first dental visit for a child to be done shortly after they turn one years old. Several studies show that bringing children to the dental office at an early age helps them develop favourable oral habits. They are more likely to have a positive experience at the dentist and grow up to not be afraid of dental treatment!

Some common issues seen in children are:

  • Childhood decay or cavities
  • Tooth pain and dental infection or swelling
  • Eruption related issues
  • Mouth breathing
  • Issues with tonsils and adenoids
  • Small jaw or chin, etc.
  • Change in the facial profile
  • Improper teeth position/alignment
  • Improper oral habits – thumb-sucking, etc

At American Smiles, your child is in the best of hands. We want your child to be cared for in an encouraging and nourishing environment that you, as parents/guardians, can trust. Our team of doctors and Child Specialists recommend the right, required treatment for your child. We will also guide you and your child on preventive care and any existing harmful habits that can impact the baby teeth.

Our paediatric dentists recommend that routine dental visits once in three to six months should be done to keep on a track on the growth and development of your child’s teeth, bones and facial structures and to build good dental habits for the future!

Airway focused Children’s Dentistry

The current philosophy in children’s dentistry recognizes that oral structures and dentition play a major role in proper breathing habits which in turn affects general health, growth and development.

To put this in perspective, our team of airway focused dentist are health coaches for children by providing them guidance with nutrition, by teaching them good posture and breathing habits that can help them lead a healthy life and help children achieve their highest potential.

We want our child patients to feel safe and well taken care of, including their dental and general health!


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