Clear Aligners/Invisalign

We at American Smiles, have always ensured that we provide our patients with advanced and more comfortable treatment options. Clear aligners are a recent innovation in the field of orthodontics that has combined both technology and science to provide patients a more seamless alternative to the traditional braces.

Aligners are a set of clear removable trays that fit on your upper and lower arches and are customized based on your requirement, Our Orthodontist is specially trained in different types of aligners and skilfully helps restore your smile.

Aligners: How is it done?

With the clear aligner all the metal components of a conventional bracket system are replaced with a transparent resin tray. The process of teeth alignment is simplified and includes: Intra-oral scanning is done to virtually plan and design the aligners. The customised aligners then fit onto the teeth and help gradually move the tooth into the desired position.

The patient is given a sets of aligners which they are instructed to wear for 22 hours a day. Each aligner has to be worn for a certain duration of time, as advised by the orthodontist, before going on to the next aligner. The aligners are to be removed only while eating and brushing. The orthodontist monitors the tooth movement every 3-4 months.

Why Aligners?

Aligners are an advanced option for straightening your teeth and has minimal effect on your regular routine during treatment.

  • Aligners are removable trays that are very easy to place and remove.
  • Easier to maintain oral hygiene during the treatment. Patients can continue to eat their preferred food.
  • They are gaining immense popularity as they appear almost invisible. Patients don’t have to worry about having a “metallic smile” throughout the treatment duration.
  • Treatment is faster with fewer appointments, which is a lot more convenient for patients.

Say good bye to metal wires and welcome your perfect smile with the aligners!


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