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Dental Technology at American Smiles Dental Clinic

At American Smiles Dental Clinic, we prioritize the use of the best dental technology available in order to provide our patients with a superior dental experience and predictable outcomes. Incorporation of high end digital dentistry allows us to better examine and evaluate oral health and derive more accurate treatment plans, all while ensuring maximum patient comfort. This also helps our patients have a better understanding of their dental health and the treatment options and procedures.

Digitalized RVG and in-House OPG X-ray

Radiographic examination is a pivotal part of dental diagnosis. We have both individual tooth x-rays and full mouth x-rays done in-house. We use the latest imaging techniques, the benefits of which are:

  • Low dose radiation for higher patient safety
  • Instant access to radiographic images – no wait time, early diagnosis
  • High resolution images
  • Better diagnostic value.

We want our patients to feel safe and worry-free of the harmful effects of radiation exposure when taking x-rays. Patients are provided with protective gear and our clinic also has a dedicated room, designed specifically keeping in mind the safety of not just the patient but all individuals in the clinic.

High-end premium Dental Chairs

We want our patients to have utmost comfort when getting their dental treatment with us. Our ergonomically designed dental chairs ensure exactly that. Our chairs are well cushioned, offer good back support and are handicapped friendly. The technology used in the chair design prevents cross-contamination and keeps our patients safe.
The dental chair equipment is also top quality, internationally imported and allow our doctors better efficiency and ease of use. We also do regular checks to ensure that all our equipment is working in optimal condition.

Individual Patient Dental Operatory with privacy

Each patient is treated in an individual air-conditioned patient dental operatory for all procedures. This gives a dedicated space for their dental care that is private and puts our patients at ease.

Digitized Prescriptions and Patient Records

We follow a completely digitized and confidential method of patient record keeping. All patient information is kept up to date and is easily accessible for any time our patient visits us again.


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