A temporary veneer is an intermediate restoration that are placed for a short period of time while the permanent veneer is being made. They are cemented to the tooth using a temporary material which can be removed easily at a later stage.
Therefore, it is important to care for the temporary veneers accordingly. Instructions to follow are:

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene to keep the gums around the temporaries clean and free of irritation. Avoid heavy brushing and do not floss in between the temporaries as it can dislodge them.
  2. If a veneer comes off, call our office immediately.
  3. Temporary veneers may leak saliva, or food onto the tooth. Sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure, or sweets is not uncommon. You may also see stains under the temporaries. These will be removed prior to final cementation.


Your final porcelain veneers will be as close to the natural beauty and function of your teeth as possible. They look and feel normal in every way.

  1. Avoid chewing excessively hard foods, such as hard candy, ice, etc., because the material of the permanent porcelain veneers can break under extreme forces.
  2. Avoid grinding and clenching. If you are known to grind and/or clench your teeth, a night-guard may be recommended. Ensure that you wear the night-guard. Grinding or clenching is a common cause for veneer breakage.
  3. Follow proper oral hygiene practice including appropriate brushing, flossing and regular professional dental cleaning. This is essential for the long term stability of your veneers.
  4. Avoid consumptions of foods and beverages with high staining potential such as tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco products, etc. Though the material used in porcelain veneers is highly resistant to staining, the cement used to attach the veneers to the tooth can pick up stains over time.
  5. If the veneer gets dislodged/breaks/chips, please contact our office immediately.
  6. Visit the dentist regularly for follow ups to monitor the veneer condition. Just like any other dental conditions, often issues with the veneers can be better corrected if identified at the earliest.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dental appointments.

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