Routine oral cancer screening can go a long way in early identification of illness!

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is cancer which can occur in any part of the mouth area (maxillofacial area). The dental fraternity is often the first point of contact in screening for and identifying oral cancers. It can present as a non-healing mouth ulcer, abnormal growth in the mouth, mouth pain, dry mouth, burning sensation in the mouth, etc. Certain habits and substances can increase the chances of cancer formation, such as tobacco chewing and smoking, sharp surfaces of the teeth which repeatedly irritate the surrounding tissue, spicy substances, etc., as they are carcinogenic in nature. Such carcinogenic agents and irritants must completely avoided. In several cases, patients develop conditions that are more likely to transform into oral cancer. These are known as pre-cancerous conditions and must be closely monitored. If any underlying cause is there (such as tobacco chewing habit), it must be eliminated.

Oral cancer Screening

When you visit American Smiles, we will conduct an oral cancer screening as a standard part of a comprehensive evaluation of your dental health by carefully examining the teeth, gums, surrounding soft tissue, tongue, airway and lymph nodes to check for any abnormalities.

Habit Counselling

Certain habits strongly predispose to oral cancer and must be eliminated in susceptible individuals or especially those with pre-cancerous lesions. It is not always easy to quit a habit. Our team aims to guide our patients through habit counselling and motivation to quit the habit and lead a healthier life!


Upon detection of any suspicious cancerous lesions in the hard and soft tissue, a biopsy may be advised in order to examine the tissue on a histopathological or cellular level to check for cancer cells.

Therapy for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer treatment can be surgical or non-surgical depending on the stage and extent of disease progression. Non-surgical therapy involves radiotherapy and chemotherapy whereas surgical therapy involves surgical removal of cancerous tissue. This will be co-ordinated with our Oral Oncologists.


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