The best way to deal with dental disease is to prevent it!


Preventive Dentistry aims to identify dental illness early on and stop future disease from occurring. The American Smiles philosophy focuses on monitoring your oral cavity at regular intervals. Regular screening by a dentist can help you identify dental illness such as tooth decay or gum disease and allows early intervention to minimize the need for invasive dental procedures.

Routine dental cleaning

This helps prevent accumulation of tartar and hard deposits between your teeth and gum and helps keep the gums healthy. It is advised that you get a routine dental cleaning once in six months.

Preventive fillings or Dental Sealants

Certain teeth can be more susceptible to dental decay due to their shape and form. The teeth have many grooves and fissures on the surface of the teeth which are usually self-cleansing. When these grooves and fissures run deeper, it becomes an easy site for bacteria to lodge and form cavities. Preventive fillings can ‘seal’ the teeth and stop the development of decay.

Fluoride Applications

Studies have shown that fluoride can play a role in preventing the development of dental decay. Our teeth are made up of inorganic and organic constituents and it is the loss of integrity of these components that lead to dental decay. Fluoride can bind with the mineral component of the tooth and make the teeth more cavity-resistant. Regular fluoride applications are a great way to minimize the development of new dental decay!

Take care of your teeth and they will take care of you!

We also have Comprehensive Preventive Plans to help keep your teeth well cared for. Contact us to know more!


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