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Tooth Fillings/Restorations

Modern dentistry has seen the rise of white fillings which closely mimic the natural appearance of teeth. Some of our patients can’t even tell the difference between their filled and natural teeth! Dental fillings are a safe, quick, effective and less invasive way to make an instant change to the appearance and health of your teeth. Whether you need a new filling or wish to replace an old silver one, our Restorative Team can help bring back that confidence when you smile!

When do I need a filling?
  • When teeth have a cavity, are chipped or broken, discoloured
  • Sensitive teeth
  • When teeth have a cavity, are chipped or broken, discoloured
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Food lodgement in between teeth due to gaps formed after decay
  • Teeth that are chipped or broken
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Teeth that are worn out due to progressive wear and tear.
  • To close small gaps between teeth
  • To change the form of teeth for cosmetic corrections
  • When new decay forms underneath an existing restoration
  • To replace silver colored fillings with tooth colored ones
  • Old broken restorations that need to be replaced.

Tooth decay is not self-repairing, and what starts out as a minor problem requiring simple solution can quickly become serious, changing your treatment options.

Dental restoration not just restores the cavity in your teeth but also restores your dental well-being and smile. Get your teeth checked at American Smiles for cavities and have them filled before they cause pain.


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