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Why American Smiles

Cutting-edge, superior facility

Located on Sarjapur Road with a gorgeous lake view, our clinic is spacious, with a premium design that provides a comfortable ambience for patients to communicate with doctors and undergo treatment.

Advanced high-end equipment and dental radiology

We use only the best of the best in equipment and technology that is available in dentistry. We have in-house individual tooth (IOPA) and full mouth (OPG) dental x-rays.

International Sterilization Protocols.

Our sterilization is regularly monitored for quality assurance in accordance with CDC, ADA and OSHA. We leave no stone unturned!

Committed and dedicated team of doctors and specialists

Our team of doctors, led by Dr. Nivedita Kumar, is knowledgeable and specialized in their respective branches of dentistry. Perfecting smiles is our passion and we work hard to ensure that every patient walks out with a bright and healthy smile!

Our keystone philosophy is preventive care dentistry

Optimal dental health is not just about treating existing dental illness. Our team goes beyond that and believes in instigating preventive dental care practices for good dental health today and tomorrow!

Specialized dental clinic for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Sleep is crucial for good health and wellbeing and Dental Sleep Medicine is a specialized area of dental practice that addresses Sleep Disorders. We are the only dental office in the state that is specialized in the treatment and management of Snoring and Sleep Apnea with in-house Sleep Specialists.

Eco-friendly practice

Along with taking great pride in serving the dental needs of our local community, we also want to make sure that our ecological footprint is minimum. We are an environmentally friendly clinic and implement paperless, digitized formats across all forms of dental information and communication.


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