Removing your wisdom teeth can be a significant decision and we are here to guide you through it!

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are also known as your third molars and sit at the back of your mouth. They develop and erupt a little later than the rest of your teeth, once the individual reaches their late teens or adulthood.

However, due to its position in the mouth, it tends to have inadequate space and cannot fully erupt or may erupt in an unfavourable position. This combination makes it a highly susceptible area for accumulation of bacteria and further complications. Patients can experience pain, infection, difficulty in maintenance, harm to the adjacent teeth and crowding of teeth.

It is always advised to get a dental consultation done once the tooth begins to appear in the mouth to assess the need for removal. These teeth should be regularly monitored. When you visit American Smiles for your wisdom teeth, our team will conduct a clinical examination and will assess the position of these teeth, the relationship with the surrounding structures and its usefulness in the mouth. We will then make a recommendation accordingly about keeping or removing the teeth.

We regularly recommend that wisdom teeth be removed as a preventive measure so as to not deal with common consequences in the future. If you are already experiencing symptoms, the tooth is doing more harm than good staying in the mouth and removal is strongly advised.

Wisdom teeth are routinely and safely removed in our dental practice by our vastly experienced Oral Surgeons with great expertise under strict sterile conditions.


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